Rotarian Clive Reed reported back on on a recent visit to  one of the schools in our numeracy project.

"I thought that I would just be helping our Numeracy team checking on the progress of the teachers and pupils as they are a new entrant to the project...". In part, this was true and I was lucky to meet a very dedicated and on the ball Head of Department. During our chat on the progress of the pupils, I learnt a lot more about what concerned this teacher. She was worried that the school holidays were coming up and this meant that a lot of the children would not receive a daily meal, children of 6/7  had no parents and were looked after by an elder sister  and a rise in absenteeism because of children being abducted. We sometimes forget what happens at the grassroot level  and I would like to suggest that more of our members visit our school projects to see what HSRC is achieving and get an understanding of the difficulties that the teachers and pupils face on a daily basis.